WHEEEEE~ Episode 1 is finally done and available for download!!!!

*swt* All right, so maybe this is a little late, but I was busy with…. some other stuff…. *shifty eyes*

Anyway, yeah so I updated the Films/Shows section. I added a link to the download of Episode One of Journey to the West I (Dicky Cheung version) with English subs, another link to the download of the Spanish sub of the same ep, and also added information about a dubbed version Cortez is working on. I just received a program called Cool Edit from him and an awesome video on how to dub the clip, and yeah…. basically working on my Guan Yin voice now. LOL. VOICE ACTING IS UBER HARD DAMN IT. XD And to think I was considering a career in it. Bleh.


Finished rechecking Episode 1 today. Found some minor errors. Listed them on the Documentation Page.

Updated the Games section:

  • Added information about The Monkey King: The Legend Begins for the Wii console. I actually went and did research on this one LOL. Another amazing game.
  • Also added information about Monkey King Chinese Chess Xiangqi Set and opened a new section for it, ‘Board Games’.
  • Added more information about Monkey Magic. Finally removed the combo offer and replaced it with a buy link only for the Monkey Magic game. Also added box art image.

The Games page is starting to look really decent now! Yeah! Now if I finish my own game and add it it’ll be even decent-er. XD

Have finished downloading both Episode 2 and 3. Have finished editing two thirds of Episode 2. Should finish Episode 2 later tonight.

EDIT: I have finally finished editing Episode 2. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Will now probably spend tommorow working on my game before continuing to Episode 3. Unless I get sidetracked by Iantivirus, that is. Heh.

Updated the Films/Shows section. Added a product link to The Lost Empire. Added information about the remake of Monkey/Saiyuki (starring Katori Shingo), with a link to the discussion thread about this show on the forum and a product link.

Pruned some links. Only the very best on my links page now! XD

Cleaned up the Films/Shows page. Deleted unnecessary links. Added a link to a discussion thread for the Liu Xiao Ling Tong Journey to the West series. Arranged the episode lists in a table. Moved the Dicky Cheung version to higher up on the page. It should look tidier now. Heh.

I’ve finally found out why the Continue Game and Preferences menus couldn’t load. It was because I had two variables ‘int’ and ‘str’ that were actually built-in variables in python. So I changed them, respectively, to ‘intelligence’ and ‘strength’. And now everything works completely fine! YAY! Now I can go back to working on my game with no worries. (huge, huge happy grin)