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I’ve finally found out why the Continue Game and Preferences menus couldn’t load. It was because I had two variables ‘int’ and ‘str’ that were actually built-in variables in python. So I changed them, respectively, to ‘intelligence’ and ‘strength’. And now everything works completely fine! YAY! Now I can go back to working on my game with no worries. (huge, huge happy grin)


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I have finished the intro and the woodcutter scene and hope to start the introductory scene with Ling Er soon. I have also added background images and music to the intro. However, I’ve run into some problems, as the Preferences and Continue Game menus don’t seem to work. I’m currently trying to find out what’s the problem and fix it.

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I’m currently working on a Wukong-centric game using the Ren’py game engine. It will focus and expand on Wu Kong’s training with Patriarch Subodhi. Using the events of the original novel as a skeleton, I will add in a lot of my own plot and characterization, taking serious liberties with the canon of the novel yet trying to stay faithful to it wherever possible.

The game will have the format of a visual novel and incorporate dating sim elements, turn-based combat, Princess Maker style character building elements, RPG elements, and much, much more. Even though it will be somewhat like a dating sim in the sense that you can build relationships with multiple characters, which will influence the plot and eventually the ending, the relationships will not be based on romance but friendship. The three characters available are the woodcutter whom Wu Kong met while searching for an immortal (I’m calling him Rui), the boy servant, the one who opened the door for Wu Kong (I’m calling him Ling Er), and Nezha. The events leading up to his being sent to study with Patriarch Subodhi will be consistent with the canon of Feng Shen Bang (Canonization of the Gods), in which he is a major character.

Despite all the RPG and combat elements, this will be mainly a story-driven game though I’ll try to give the player as much freedom as possible. This game will involve tremendous amounts of writing so I’m looking for someone to help process my images… mainly making the character images transparent (not sure if that’s the right word) so I can have them show up on the screen without obscuring the background. And maybe some other stuff as well. If someone could proofread the script and give me some feedback, that’d be great too! If anyone could help, please leave a comment and tell me. Alternatively, email me at yuenyuen13@hotmail.com. Thank you very much!

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