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Updated the Games section:

  • Added information about The Monkey King: The Legend Begins for the Wii console. I actually went and did research on this one LOL. Another amazing game.
  • Also added information about Monkey King Chinese Chess Xiangqi Set and opened a new section for it, ‘Board Games’.
  • Added more information about Monkey Magic. Finally removed the combo offer and replaced it with a buy link only for the Monkey Magic game. Also added box art image.

The Games page is starting to look really decent now! Yeah! Now if I finish my own game and add it it’ll be even decent-er. XD


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Updated the Films/Shows section: Added information about The Forbidden Kingdom. I also added information about the 1996 Journey to the West (Xiyouji) drama series starring Dicky Cheung. Finally there a group subbing this amazing series and one of those people is me! Go here to see the part of Episode 1 that we’ve subbed already! The full version should be out very soon.

Updated the Games section: Added information about Saiyuki: Journey West by Koei. Awesome game, must play for any Journey to the West fan.

Special Update: Added a blog! For now it contains progress reports about the projects related to Journey to the West that I’m working on. One of those projects is this website, and I’ve listed the features I’m planning to include in this website. Once I’ve added it to the site, I mark it as done in the blog. So you can see from this blog what I’m going to add and what I’ve added! You can even suggest improvements or give comments on the updates! Isn’t that fantastic? Yes it is. Hehehe. Another of those projects is the translation project for the 96 version of Journey to the West so you can see what I’m contributing to it as well. And some others as well, of course.

I also rearranged the format of the guestbook so that it’s now part of the Misc. section.

I hope that this (relatively) massive update makes up for all those months of neglect.

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Journey to the West

1. Website

  • Add Forbidden Kingdom information to Films/Shows. Update homepage. (Done 25th May 2008)
  • Add Saiyuki: Journey West information to Games. Update homepage. (Done 25th May 2008)
  • Add The Monkey King: The Legend Begins information to Games. Update homepage. (Done 3rd June 2008)
  • Add Son Son information and free download link to Games. Update homepage.
  • Add Saiyuki remake DVD information to Films/Shows. (Done 31th May 2008)
  • Add Monkey King Chinese Chess Set information to Games. Create new Board Game section. Update homepage. (Done 3rd June 2008)
  • Link to JttW 96 fansubbing project in Films/Shows. Remove review links. Update homepage. (Done 25th May 2008)
  • Create another blog for Journey to the West stuff. Add link to homepage. Elaboration on updates, and progress report on the game. (Done 25th May 2008)
  • Translate lyrics of songs and add to Music/Lyrics page. Update homepage.
  • Upload pronounciations of Chinese names to the character profiles. Update homepage. (On hiatus)
  • Revamp Links page. (Done 31th May 2008)
  • Put information about the game I’m making to the Games page.
  • Tidy up Films/Shows page. (Done 30th May 2008)
  • Consider adding information on Monkey King kite to site. (Decided against it.)
  • Consider adding information on Monkey King statue to site. (Decided against it.)
  • Add Rebellion Against Heaven (Monkey King) by Wang Duxia to Books page.
  • Add The Monkey King (Usborne Young Reading Series 1) to Books page.
  • Add link to translated Episode 1 of Journey to the West 1 (Dicky Cheung version) to Films/Shows when it comes out. If permitted. (Done 30th June 2008)

2. Fansubbing Project.

  • Download Episode 2. (30th May 2008: Found out my download was incomplete) (Done 31th May 2008)
  • When Flick uploads the sub file for Ep 2, start editing. (DONE!!! 2nd… no it’s 3RD now, June 2008, because it’s currently one o’clock. In the morning. My dictionary does not seem to contain the phrase ‘beauty sleep’.)
  • Download Episode 3. (Done 2nd June 2008)
  • Edit Episode 3. (In progress)
  • Recheck completed Episode 1. (Done 11th June 2008)
  • Work on Guan Yin’s voice for the dubbed version (In progress)

3. Sun Wukong Game.

  • Finish woodcutter scene. Make it less sappy. Write progress report on blog. (Done 29th May 2008)
  • URGENT. Find out why the save/load/preference page won’t load while the rest of the game works fine. (Done 30th May 2008)
  • Start on Ling Er introductory scene. (In progress)
  • Find, download, and prepare character images for Ling Er and Rui and Nezha and Wu Kong.
  • Record background music.

4. Fanfiction.

  • Optional. Daily/weekly Journey to the West 300 word drabble on different characters and possibly inanimate objects as well.
  • Continue to write the Er Lang/Wu Kong fic.
  • Dig out all the old fic ideas from my diaries and organize them and start writing them if still feasible.

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